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Club Update

This is Ira – Owner Legend Firearms…Here is an update.  The drywall is all done, my store was painted as was the club.  Carpet was ordered and on the way, drop ceiling is going in and then we’re finishing up some of the other details and looking for a CO…are you ready for this…….end of the month….now before you all go running down there to get your ID’s, bear in mind we have to get inspected again to get the CO….so keep your fingers crossed….for you guys that know me, you know I don’t BS.  This long road is finally coming to an end!  Ira.

Side Note:  The Picone family have worked very hard and have spent a lot of money building this place.  The hurdles they have had to overcome have been enormous in order to make this happen.  I appreciate all the support that they and I have gotten from many of you during this process.  Going forward I would like to keep the remainder of this process positive.  It’s pretty disheartening to see people make snide comments about a building that doesn’t conform to any published standard, that is the first multi story range in the state, with a custom HVAC system and will be the only one we measured that meets OSHA air flow requirements.  There is no place for negativity here and there will be no place for it in the club.  So please stay positive while they work hard to build an awesome club for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

If you have any questions, please email us at uhgc2013@aol.com.

rocJoin now! Legend Firearms will own and operate the store — we appreciate the overwhelming response from Legend Firearms customers!

Monroe Township has limited use of the range after 10:00pm to “members only”. So from 10:00PM—8:00AM, only members may have access to the shooting lanes, but from 8:00AM—10:00PM, members and their guests and family members will have use of all 30 lanes.