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I know a lot of you have been wondering what is going on with new club.  So let me update all of you and clear up some misconceptions.

We are not having any issues with the Township of Monroe.  We have received all our permits and there are no issues.  We also have received permission from the Zoning Board for Legend Firearms (Store) to be located in the range.

Currently the only issue we are facing is an HVAC issue.  We were told originally by NJGAS that there was no gas on the property.  We ordered in propane furnaces and a tank.  Prior to the arrival of the propane furnaces we found a gas line on the property while digging.  Thankfully there was no BOOM!  So we cancelled the propane furnaces and ordered gas.  While this has delayed the opening due to a lack of heat, no work can be done on very cold days, I believe gas is a better and safer option than propane.

So I apologize for the delay, I know many of your are anxious about us opening, as we are.  We started this process four years ago and it’s finally coming to fruition.  Our primary concern is your comfort and safety.

At this point, with CO’s and final interior work being done, best guess is April or May for opening.

Thanks for bearing with us during this process!

Ira L. Levin
General Manager
Union Hill Gun Club

If you have any questions, please email us at uhgc2013@aol.com.

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rocJoin now! Legend Firearms will own and operate the store — we appreciate the overwhelming response from Legend Firearms customers!

Monroe Township has limited use of the range after 10:00pm to “members only”. So from 10:00PM—8:00AM, only members may have access to the shooting lanes, but from 8:00AM—10:00PM, members and their guests and family members will have use of all 30 lanes.