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Club Update

So when is this club going to finally open??!?!?! Well I think we have an answer to that question. I was there Tuesday night with my alarm guy walking through the place. Here’s the deal. After the carpet goes in the week of 10/23, the club will be done. At that point we will apply for a CO with Monroe. So if all goes right we will be sending out emails to people asking them to come in and get their credentials in the next three to four weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have not paid for your membership yet, do it now. We will be full to capacity very soon. We are limiting the membership to 3,000 members and there are 800 paid now. Please do not wait and then get locked out after waiting 3 years for us to build the place. We are all very excited, I just applied ot move Legend Firearms from Morganville, to the new club…so it’s very real and very close at this point!
Thanks for waiting, I know it was a long road. We’re finally at the end.
Ira L. Levin
General Manager
Union Hill Gun Club
If you have any questions, please email us at uhgc2013@aol.com.

rocJoin now! Legend Firearms will own and operate the store — we appreciate the overwhelming response from Legend Firearms customers!

Monroe Township has limited use of the range after 10:00pm to “members only”. So from 10:00PM—8:00AM, only members may have access to the shooting lanes, but from 8:00AM—10:00PM, members and their guests and family members will have use of all 30 lanes.